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CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR 56 CONSTRUCTION LAS VEGAS c i v i l p r o j e c t o f t h e y e a r mmc inc. meters and pipe supports from the new dewatering wells to the point of discharge into the common aeration basin influent channel. MMC also completed a pair of projects — both valued at $7 mil- lion — for the Clark County Water Reclamation District, including the Central Plant South Secondary Facil- ity, which featured upgrades to the fire alarm systems, air-blown fiber optic communications infrastructure, paging systems, and cellular cover- age within the water reclamation district's central plant and AWT facilities. e other water reclamation district project — the Central Plant Biofilters Upgrade — included repair and installation of foul-air header lines, air-isolation valve rotations and gasket replacements; installation of biofilter irrigation system compo- nents; installation of foul-air humidi- fiers and cleanouts; replacement of granular and organic biofilter media; and rehabilitation of air-header isolation valve vaults and drain-line sump-pump stations. Work also in- cluded construction of cast-in-place concrete vaults, corrosion protection of existing structures, paving, duct- work relocation and isolation valve replacements. — Danielle Birkin pumping station. MMC also modi- fied the nitrification influent pump station, and converted six nitrifica- tion aeration basins into three paired nitrification denitrification aeration basins. In addition, MMC was tasked with the rehabilitation of nitrification clarifiers 1 through 7, including the replacement of impressed current corrosion protection and resurfac- ing steel elements, and rehabilitation with cured-in-place pipe for five 72-inch pipelines and one 84-inch pipeline. Other recent projects of note include the $1.6 million Water Pollution Control Facility Dewater- ing Upgrade for Las Vegas, which featured the installation of three 10-inch-diameter well casings and one additive 10-inch-diameter well casing installed to a depth of about 65 feet below ground surface, including borehole, gravel filter pack, louvered screen, cement grout seal, gravel feed pipe, transducer pipe, and well-development testing. MMC also installed three submersible dewatering well pumps; one additive submersible dewatering well pump, associated pipes and valves, and performance of systems startup and pump testing; and 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch ductile iron pipe, valves, flow Since its launch in 1969, regional contractor MMC Inc. has emerged as a respected local leader in the water/ wastewater construction industry, with a focus on the construction and development of reservoirs, pump stations and treatment plants, a specialized niche in which MMC — a subsidiary of New-Com Inc. — excels. With the capacity to complete projects in excess of $100 million, MMC's commitment to foresight and fiscal responsibility in initiating endeavors that enhance the lives of Southern Nevadans has earned the firm recognition for Heavy Civil Project of the Year, most notably for its Water Pollution Control Facility Reduce Loading Operation Optimi- zation, a high-tech $16 million de- sign/bid/build project for Las Vegas. is project included the construc- tion of a 63-inch outside diameter pipeline, an 8-inch irrigation pipe, an 18-inch reclaimed water pipe, fiber optic conduits and compressed air pipe. In addition, the project featured modification of the primary sedi- mentation effluent box; a nitrification diversion structure; demolition of the effluent channel; rerouting of exist- ing sanitary sewer drain pipes; and installation of a new package drain CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2015

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