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R VLTN Events was founded with the objective of providing Las Vegas with more all-ages dance parties, events that dig into di erent genres and create a local presence for the scene. Three years later, it's the name running that scene. "We kind of controlled the rate at which it grew," CEO Marcel Correa says. "We felt we could have grown faster but didn't want to make the jump to events that ll bigger rooms until we were ready." Emblematic of that jump is this week's three-year anniversary party—a two-day event featuring big-name head- liners Oliver Heldens, Ghastly and Exci- sion. It takes over the Joint concert hall at the Hard Rock Hotel, where RVLTN shows have typically been held inside the smaller Vinyl room. "This is our rst two-day event, and we wanted to put some contrast between genres," says Joe Borusiewicz, RVLTN's director of business development. "We have a big following in bass music, but we also have Oliver Heldens for house fans, so we're trying to appease all of the fan base with one event and create some crossover." RVLTN's steady growth is poised to pop in 2017 with out-of-market events including a monthlong Spring Break bash in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The next big Vegas bash: XO, a Valentine's Day-themed party February 10 at Downtown's World Market Center. "It's the rst event of its kind there, and we're really excited," Borusiewicz says. "We've been doing things in these hard- ticket rooms like the Joint and Brooklyn Bowl, and we love those, but there are certain restrictions there as far as the production and how far we can take the experience. This place gives us complete freedom." RVLTN Three-year Anniver- sary at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, January 13 & 14. –Brock Radke R V L T N H E L P S D E F I N E V E G A S ' A L L - A G E S D A N C E S C E N E P A R T Y F O R A L L e v o l u t i o n I N D U S T R Y W E E K L Y | J A N U A R Y 1 2 - 1 8 , 2 0 1 7

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