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G o -t o l o c a l b r e w s 1. able baKer's atoMIc DUcK IPa An IPA for those disinclined toward them, courtesy of one of Las Vegas' newest breweries. You can taste the hops— and the beer's citrus undercurrent. But they go down easy—all quack and no ugly bite. 2. baNGer brewING's MorNING Joe coffee Kolsch This light-bodied golden ale packs a powerful punch of wake-you-up coffee flavor plus a roasted nutty finish. It's the greatest excuse to drink beer in the morning. 3. JosePh JaMes' hoP boX IMPerIal IPa We get it. America has reached peak India Pale Ale. But this Henderson- made, 8.20-percent ABV Imperial is some kind of wonderful—earthy, aromatic and just on the right side of "man, that's bitter." 4. loVelaDY's 9th IslaND PINeaPPle soUr More like a fruity, easy- drinking gose than a full-on, funky lambic, this 5-percent ale—in cans or on tap at the Water Street brewery—dances on the line between sweet and sour. 5. teNaYa creeK's haUlING oats oatMeal stoUt Notes of cocoa, roasted coffee and toasted oats give this creamy beer its warm and malty flavor. It'll have you wistfully singing "She's Gone" after the final sip. The Weekly 5 Arts & entertAinment One of three things could be happening here. Mike Tyson (right) and Jon Lovitz could be goofing for the cameras. Or Tyson could be going in for a taste of Lovitz's ear; after all, he is something of a connoisseur. Most likely: The fighter is suggesting how Lovitz might improve his half of the Foundry show he's sharing with Dana Carvey, the faults of which are detailed at Bon appétit, Mike. (Ethan Miller, Getty Images/Photo Illustration) Get tING aN earfUl l a s v e g a s w e e k ly 55 0 1 . 1 2 . 1 7

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